5 Best Adobe InDesign Courses Online (2020)

Adobe InDesign is a highly popular software of Adobe that is being used daily by graphic designers, marketing professionals, artists, and publishers. People across the world are learning to use this software to succeed at their jobs.

Internet-based job opportunities are increasing rapidly and with that pace the demand for graphic designing is also rising. Thus, people who know how to use graphic design software like Adobe InDesign are at advantage. So, if you are also interested and want to learn how to use it you must be looking for some online courses.

This article is here for you to make your search easier. Here are some best Adobe InDesign courses with features, ratings, and reviews so you can choose the right one for you without wasting much time.

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Adobe Indesign Best Courses Online
Rating 4.7 out of 5

This course is so far the best course for people with a very basic knowledge of InDesign. This course by Daniel Walter Scott is outstanding and will definitely improve your InDesign skills. Knowing basic design with inserting text and images is enough to do this course. It can help you to be an advanced professional. Here are the features of this course which make it the best over the other options–

Key Learnings –

  This course consists of 70 lectures of a total of 5 hours with well-structured content and long documents

  You can create multiple designs which you can easily add to your portfolio

  Using ‘Advanced InDesign User’ on your CV can bring you more money

  After enrolling in this course, you’ll get lifetime access for all available resources

  You can also access course with your mobile phone or TV

  You can get support from the instructor and the whole BYOL crew

  This course also gives tips for using Photoshop and Illustrator.

  It will help you to learn to create interactive documents, shortcuts, speed tips, Nested and Next styles, pdf forms, advanced fonts etc

  It gives the opportunity of practicing font grouping and font pairing

  It also includes a lesson on color themes and color modes

Duration: 8 hours

Student Testimonial:

"I took InDesign, Illustrator, & Photoshop all with Daniel Walter Scott and I am very happy with the production, teaching, and enthusiasm that he brought to his lectures. Thank you Dan! I am a mathematician going into the Architectural Field and needed to learn some new skills. With your help you are making it an easier and more enjoyable process. Cheers!"
Ross J. C.
4.6 out of 5

This course gives lessons on core features and techniques of InDesign which can make your work more fun and easier. The instructor David Blatner will help you with a quick basic lesson in InDesign in 30 minutes. This course provides all the aspects that an InDesign training should have. Here are the key features of this course-

Key Learnings –

  This course is perfect for those who are completely new to InDesign

  It teaches the basic knowledge of InDesign in a quick lesson of 30 minutes

  The instructor has experience in working in this sector of 30 years and he has been working with it since the 1st version

  There are many downloadable exercises

  It gives a lesson of creating new documents and with strong master pages and speed up the layout

  It also includes navigating and customizing the workspace

Duration: 6 hours 30 minutes

Student Testimonial:

"I found this InDesign CC course very beneficial, I would definitely recommend others to look into it. Great course!"
Cohen C.
4.7 out of 5

Daniel Scott, an Adobe certified trainer, has made this course for the beginners who wants to advance their skills in InDesign. There are not only exercises but also some projects that the learners have to complete which can be added to your portfolio. Let’s look at the key features of this course-

Key Learnings –

  This course has a total of 77 courses

  The instructor has 15 years of experience in designing

  There are lessons in colours, picking and using own corporate colour.

  You will learn how to choose and use fonts on a professional level

  There are projects to complete which will give you the opportunity to practise your skills and later on you can also add those to your portfolio

  There are exercises in every lesson

  The instructor promises to help with every question you will have

  It also provides the instructor’s completed files which you can compare to your ones

Duration: 6 hours 20 minutes

Student Testimonial:

"I am having so much fun, especially because the classes have been very clear and concise. I find myself spending more time being creative and discovering different functions in InDesign instead of frustrated and lost. The class projects really help out."
Fatima A.
4.5 out of 5

To become a master in Adobe InDesign CC, this guide created by Phil Ebiner and Kurt Anderson will definitely help you a lot. If you want to make design PDFs, eBooks, magazines, pamphlets etc. this course is exactly what you need. In a few hours it will give you a complete guideline from the beginner to the advanced level.

Key Learnings –

  This course will help you to learn from scratch to advanced level

  You will learn to design publications and graphics on a professional level

  There are examples of real-world projects

  It will help you to learn the proper workflow from starting to exploring a project

  Students do not need any kind of background knowledge or skill in designing

  You will be comfortable using all the tools of Adobe InDesign

Duration: 6 hours

Student Testimonial:

"This is a very in-depth course, much more in-depth than I was expecting and I suspect I will be coming back to this at some point in the future as there is a great deal in this. I couldn't have asked for a more concise course than this, no stone was left unturned, a brilliant course that was worth every penny and I would highly recommend."
John D
4.6 out of 5

Matthew Pizzi and Pariah Burke have created this course for you if you want to be a professional in InDesign for layout and design. From the beginning level to the advanced level, it provides a whole guide to what you may need.

Key Learnings –

  You can learn from scratch without any previous knowledge.

  You will learn to use InDesign tools

  You will learn to build interactive PDFs

  You will learn to design your eBooks

  The lessons are in 3 stages: beginner, intermediate and advanced

Duration: 21 hours

Student Testimonial:

"Best education platform ever! Brilliant authors, fresh content, clearing path, nice syllabus planning. I’m overall pleased. But, I’ll suggest them to improve their quality. To me they are perfect all they need is to keep improving."
Javier P.

To conclude, this is the list of some the best Adobe InDesign courses that are available online. If you want to learn using Adobe InDesign whether to earn money or not, this article is here to help. Choose the one that fits your need and get started.

Happy Learning!