Best AdWords Courses Online (2020)

There are about 85% of consumers who rely on the Internet to search for local businesses. To make it easy for these potential buyers, businesses utilize pay per click ads.

Interestingly, there is a 200% ROI on pay per click advertising; for every $1 spent, there is an expected return of $2. Even though this may be lowest than most other means of advertising, it is trusted by advertisers for its reliability.

You may want to know that PPC yields more conversion than any organic traffic source. While the ROI may be lower than others, it promises a reliable source of leads by 50%.

For any business interested in converting leads to sales, PPC advertising is best.

To be successful at PPC advertising, you need to be skilled at different aspect of PPC advertising. That is why you should consider enrolling for PPC courses. We have scavenged the Internet in search of PPC online courses suitable for PPC specialists, digital marketers and business owners.

Here are PPC online courses we think are best:

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Adwords PPC Online Courses

There is no better way to win back the business taken over by the competition than PPC advertising. This is exactly what this course is all about, helping you become the market leader by being able to implement PPC campaigns.

It prides itself as Udemy’s highest rated AdWords course of all time, and it’s worth all the hype. With over 144,000 students enrolled, you are in the best hands to understand Google Ads.

The beauty of the course is how it helps you to replicate successes that has been recorded by thousands of businesses. Here’s what the course is all about;

  • Setting up your AdWords account from scratch.
  • How to run a successful online advertising
  • Taking advantage of competitor reports and customer data in running campaigns
  • How to use tools in gaining the upper hand in your AdWords campaigns

These and more are what this course offers.

Duration of Course: 25.5 hours

Rating: 4.6

Platform: Udemy

There are customers online waiting to be reached and Google AdWords is how to reach them. Through this course, you will be equipped with the PPC advertising skills to grow your business.

Google AdWords offers you the platform to reach not less than 90% of Internet users via over 2 million websites. This online course is intended for entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, business owners and marketing students.

If you are a newbie to Google AdWords, this course will help you become an expert in no time. There are numerous examples and proven strategies to get you on track. Don’t worry about updates from Google, the course is regularly updated to keep you abreast of new developments in PPC advertising.

The following are what the course focus on;

  • Elements of creating PPC advertising campaigns that yields the highest return
  • How to write compelling ads and campaign optimization
  • The basics of AdWords

There is a lifetime access to this course upon purchase. You can always go back to learn new trends that are regularly updated.

Duration of Course: 3.5 hours

Rating: 4.3

Platform: Udemy

One of the best ways to get guidance on setting up AdWords campaigns is Google’s Partner Program. It is filled with more PPC advertising resources than anywhere else. We are talking about real-time information on how you can be the best at PPC advertising and get advice from a community of experts.

The guide takes you through the process of creating ads that converts and grow your business. Your ability to make the right decisions with your PPC ads. In the course, you will be tutored on the following;

  • The basics of Google Ads
  • How to create ads and campaigns
  • Choosing the best time and place your ads should appear
  • Understanding advertising regulations
  • Boosting the success of your advertising campaign

These and more are what you are going to learn in this course.

Platform: Google Partners Program

What a pure bliss to be tutored on Google Ads by an instructor who has a first hand experience of PPC. The instructor has had over a decade of digital advertising experience with the last four of it spent at Google.

The course will establish your business by tapping into the potentials of Google Ads as a powerhouse of PPC advertising. The grand idea of the course is to be able to utilize Google Ads in driving business growth.

As part of the course, you will be exposed to creating a Google Ads campaign as your class project. Below are what the course is about;

  • The rudiments of setting up a Google AdWords account
  • How to set up profitable ads campaign
  • Setting up Google display campaigns
  • Taking advantage of Youtube video campaigns

You cannot get it wrong with a combination of experience and expertise offered in this course. It’s worth all the resources to be invested.

Platform: Skillshare

In this course by Brad Batesole, you are put through the foundations of Google Ads. The course provides participants of how Google Ads can work for their individual business. Basically, the process of setting up a campaign and researching your best keywords for a profitable campaign.

The goal of the course is to help you go from being a noob to an expert PPC advertiser. This is why it starts from the basics. In the course, you will find the following;

  • How to define your target audience and setting up marketing goals
  • Utilizing Google Ads reporting and analytics to get the right results
  • How to optimize ads to increase conversion

In the end, you will be able to research your own keywords and set up campaigns single handedly.

Duration: 3 hours, 6 Minutes

Platform: Lynda


To succeed as a business you have to take advantage of all marketing mediums available, and one of the most important is Pay Per Click advertising.

We have identified these courses to help you get started in your journey to a PPC career or build your business from scratch to profitability.

Happy learning!