5 Best React JS Courses Online (2020)

If you’re a budding web developer or passionate to build a Developer career, you must learn React JS. For those who are not familiar with React JS yet, it is a JavaScript framework that enables users to create user interfaces for single-page applications and more.

The React job opportunities are rising rapidly, as companies like Walmart, Netflix, Facebook, and all likewise are using React for their websites. Now you might be wondering where to learn React JS!

To quench your prying, we have rounded up the best available online courses to learn React JS below. So, without further ado, let’s check out our selection and get a detailed insight into these courses.

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Rating 4.7 out of 5

This React-based course is expertly created and instructed by highly professional web developer Maximilian Schwarzmüller. He is a gem of a teacher when it comes to web development teaching. He prepared the lessons from scratch and conferred them so lucidly that they are easy to follow along from beginners to experts.

Key Learnings:

– With this course, you can learn ReactJS from scratch

– Maximilian Schwarzmüller arranged the course syllabus in very easy order 

– This is course will teach you all bits and pieces of ReactJS

– You can keep up with this course even if you are a JavaScript noob

– This course promises to improve students existing JavaScript skills

Duration: 41 hours

Student Testimonial:

"An amazing course to start building React applications, the instructor is extremely great, he explains everything in different ways and shows us all the possible ways to work with React. If you're thinking about taking your career to the next level and learn something trendy, I really advise you in this course."
Obada Qawwas
4.7 out of 5

This course will walk you through the ins and outs of React development. You’ll find this course on the famous e-learning platform Coursera. It is prepared and offered by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Jogesh K. Muppala, the assistant professor of the same university made and directed this course brilliantly.

Key USPs:

– This course is perfect for those who aspire to master web development with React

– It introduces you to the use of React-strap for designing React applications

– It will also teach you the usage of Redux, which will enable you to design a combined app with React and Redux

– Graded programming quizzes and assignments will strengthen your fundamentals of understanding

Duration: 43 hours

Student Testimonial:

"I always had fear of learning React. I have gone through many sources but the way Mr. Jogesh explained is awesome. Now I am very confident that I can move into React world. Thank you Coursera."
4.6 out of 5

This is another popular online React course on Udemy. This course is loaded with a detailed discussion of every feature of React. Additionally, myriads of tips and tricks of React are also included. It is created and presented by John Smilga. He’s another well-known figure in the web development world.

Key USPs:

– This course is suitable for the intermediate level JavaScript experts

– It covers each feature of React

– Each lecture is very rich with scads of practical resources

– Once you’ve enrolled in this course, you’ll get lifetime access to the available resources

Duration: 46 hours

Student Testimonial:

"John is thorough. I have taken several of his courses and he delivered excellently on each one of them. I have gone a long way but every time it feels like I am learning something new."
Yagya Joshi
4.7 out of 5

This course will share with you the basic insights into the React mechanisms. Within just 7 hours, it covers all the necessary aspects you need to know about React.

Key USPs:

– This course incorporates all the necessary aspects required for the basics of React

– All the lectures very briefly yet clearly put forth the lessons

– You get expert support from the teacher

– You can build your network by connecting to other students while still learning

Duration: 7 hours

Student Testimonial:

"I have thrived in self-paced online classes, so it was a pretty perfect course for me. I was enthused by the timeline and also the system of point accumulation that indicates your progress."
4.2 out of 5

This is another Udemy course on React, yet it is exceptional amongst them all with delivering the fundamentals of React within a very short time. By spending just 5 hours with this course, you’ll learn to craft functional and striking web applications with React.

Key USPs:

– 5 hours of unalloyed lesson plan effectively round off the fundamentals of React

– This course is very effective for beginner web developers

– You’ll receive a certificate of completion at the end of this 5-hour course

Duration: 5 hours

Student Testimonial:

"This course is made in such a way that encourages students to follow and learn. So far, I really enjoy it."
Arash Besharat


In conclusion, if you are interested in becoming a web developer in the future, learning React JS is indispensable for you. If you haven’t done any React related courses yet, don’t wait any longer and start with one of the courses that we’ve mentioned above.

Happy learning!