Digital Marketing Career Guide 2020

There is no better time to switch gears into a Digital Marketing career than now.

We are far deep into the dotcom era, and over the years we have witnessed businesses turning to the Internet to generate sales. With the surge into digital marketing, there has been an exponential increase in the demand for digital marketing experts.

If you are still in doubt about the effectiveness of digital marketing, then check out these statistics:

These are just some examples of the potential of digital marketing.

There is no better time to switch gears into a digital marketing career than now. Luckily, having a degree is not always a requirement to be a digital marketer.

Let’s assume you are ready to switch gear now and go into kickstart a digital marketing career, what are the options available to you.

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SEO Specialist

As one of the most respected skills in the digital marketing niche, the SEO specialist is looked up to by businesses for the management of all SEO activities.

Let’s assume someone ask you in during your kids career day in school what you do; your answer should be something like:

I help businesses to get high rankings on search engines.

The overall objective of a SEO Specialist being able to increase and improve the level of traffic to a website. To be able to achieve this, the SEO specialist utilizes keywords and topic research to match a webpage content to what users are searching for.

What Skills Do SEO Specialists Possess?

Let’s approach this from the angle of skills brands and businesses will look out for when hiring a SEO specialist.

  • Technical skills and programming knowledge (no need to code though)
  • Critical thinking
  • Analytics and Excel skills
  • Content creation skills

What Should You Become a SEO Specialist?

If your question is something like: is an SEO career a good one? Yes it is. Just know that it is a career of life-long learning. Look beyond the $50,000 average annual salary that SEO specialist earn and be prepared to learn all your life.

You will be the rallying point of other digital marketing professions, you are the go-to person for most content marketing, technical SEO, local SEO, linkbuilding and many other skills relevant to the digital marketing industry.

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Another exciting career to consider in digital marketing is the PPC specialist, you will also be referred to as a SEM specialist.

In case you are asked by your child’s friend what you do; just say you help businesses run advertisements. Remind them of the Coca-cola ads they see on TV, tell them you run something like that on the Internet.

As exciting as a PPC role is, it is quite a challenging one. You are saddled with the responsibilities of pay per click ads. Basically, you are involved in the design, strategy and implementation of PPC campaigns.

What Skills Do PPC/SEM Specialist Possess?

On the surface, a PPC specialist must be skilled in keyword research, landing page design and trend watching. These skills can be further broken down as the following;

  • Understanding of HTML, JavaScript, tracking, retargeting and tagging
  • Creativity to bring the best out of every ad space
  • Good understanding of consumer behavior
  • Passion to try out new stuffs
  • Analytical skills to improve campaigns

Why Should You Become a PPC/SEM Specialist?

As a career, you will learn most things by trial and error. This is why you must be ready to try out new things and embrace adaptability. More importantly, SEM specialists are well rewarded in the range of $50,000 salary annually according to Glassdoor.

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Social Media Marketing Expert

As a social media marketing expert, you will live and breathe on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and more.

Your job is to help businesses to leverage the enormous potential available on social media. As of today, there are over 3.5 billion social media users and they spend not less than 3 hours daily using the social media.

With the skills of a social media marketing experts, brands are able to gain traffic to their business websites, further enhancing their presence and visibility.

What Skills Do Social Media Marketing Experts Possess?

Businesses have come to the realization of how important social media marketing is to their success and they are looking for experts with the following skills;

  • Storytelling skills
  • Ads management
  • Content curation
  • Analytics

Why Should You Become a Social Media Marketing Experts

Social media has come to stay and it plays an important role of increasing revenue through lead generation. A career into social media marketing will be a rewarding one as businesses are in need of experts to manage their social media outlets. This is why brands are also ready to pay an average of $54,268 annually to retain their best social media marketing talents.

With the immense power social media marketing currently wields, forging a career in this industry will not be a mistake.

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Data Analyst

The future is digital, so is the data thereof. At the heart of digital marketing lies data analysis. Without proper use of data, digital marketing is bound to fail.

A data analyst make sense out of both structured and unstructured data for the purpose of generating leads for businesses. It requires skills to draw out relevant information out of the humongous data available today.

This is why a data analyst steps into the picture. Making sense of out data in order to be able to carry out digital marketing campaigns.

What Skills Do Data Analysts Possess?

In order to work as a data analyst, the following skills are expected to be possessed;

  • Programming and coding language
  • Quantitative aptitude and statistics
  • Data warehousing
  • Computational framework
  • Business knowledge.

Why Should You Become a Data Analyst?

Your role in any organization is to help them make better and data backed decisions. In carrying out digital marketing campaigns, there is heavy reliance on data analysis in order to generate the targeted results.

A career in data analysis is quite rewarding also with an average salary in the range of $63,000 annually.

If data is your thing, we have covered the career of a Data Analyst in more detail.

Email Marketing Specialist

This is arguably the oldest digital marketing profession as it dates back to the first 400 emails sent in 1978.

While many overlook email marketing, it has one of the highest ROI in the digital marketing industry. As an email marketing specialist, you are saddled with the task of helping businesses generate leads from amongst the over 4.3 billion emails that will be available by 2023.

Your number one role is to be able to carry out email marketing campaigns that do not end up in the spambox of the target audience. Be able to write irresistible headlines that are clicked and acted upon by the recipients.

What are The Skills Possessed By Email Marketing Specialists?

As an email marketing specialist, your skills should include all of the following and even more;

  • List building of the target audience of the business
  • Ability to launch email campaigns that lands in the inbox of target audience.
  • Full email marketing automation
  • Subscriber management
  • Understanding of data and metrics

Why Should You Become an Email Marketing Specialist?

For over three decades, email marketing has continued to stay relevant. It has been in existence long before social media marketing and has the potential of outliving it.

By becoming an email marketing specialist, you are starting a career into a field that has stood the test of time. You will not wake up tomorrow and be out of job as email marketing is a life-long career.

In terms of compensation, you are likely to earn an average of $52,253 annually.

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Content Writer

You must have heard the phrase “content is king” before. Content writers are the kingmakers.

This is the lifeline that holds the digital marketing industry together. As a content writer, you handle the ideation of compelling content such as blog posts, articles, how-to guides, web copy, ad copy, whitepapers and many more.

Content writers are expected to uphold the brand voice and be able to engage the target audience using the right content. As a content writer, you may be addressed as a creative content writer, marketing content writer, freelance content writer and many more.

What are the Skills of a Content Writer?

While you may be expected to hold a degree in English, Journalism or Creative Writing, there are other important skills needed of a content writer;

  • Excellent writing skills
  • Understanding of metrics and analytics
  • Ability to utilize SEO research
  • Strong editing and proofreading skills
  • Being able to work within tight deadlines

Why Should You Become a Content Writer?

Of all the professions related to digital marketing, content writing is one that has more to do with talent than training. Being a talented wordsmith means you stand a chance of succeeding as a content writer.

As a content writer, you will earn an average of $50,000 annually. There are numerous businesses in search of full-time writers, you may also consider a career as a freelancer.

UX Designer

We may refer to Donald Norman as the father of UX Design, a profession he started during his days at Apple. His role is typical of what a UX Designer does today, even though it carried a different nomenclature back then.

UX Designers are expected to carry out research and design digital products that give users the best experience. An experience good enough to bring them back when in need of such service.

Every business has a digital presence today and they all need the service of a UX Designer who enable the positive experience users have after having contact with a product.

What are The Skills Needed By a UX Designer?

UX Designing is a technical digital marketing profession, one that requires core technical skills such as;

  • Wireframing and User Interface Prototyping
  • Programming and coding skills
  • UX Writing skills
  • Design and visual communication skills
  • Understanding of metrics and analytics

Why Become a UX Designer?

If you have an eye for perfection then a career into UX designing will suit you. UX Designers are within the niche of web designing and product development. The opportunity the career offers is quite enormous.

UX Designing belongs to the future, it will get a point where it will be the rallying point of both digital and physical products.

Think UX Design may be your thing? We have covered a UX Design career in more detail.

Affiliate Marketing Specialist

In order to improve growth and revenue generation, businesses initiate affiliate marketing programs that is headed by an affiliate marketing specialist.

As an affiliate marketing specialist, your job is to create an advertising model that helps to sell the products of your brand through affiliates. Through an affiliate marketing campaign, affiliates are rewarded for every successful sale made through them.

You serve as the liaison between the brand you represent and your advertisers. Your advertisers are the affiliate who leverage their platforms for your products.

What Are The Skills of Affiliate Marketing Specialists?

As an affiliate marketing specialist, your skills should revolve around the following;

  • Carrying out market research for the purpose of marketing
  • Plan promotional campaigns in order to improve sales
  • Develop pricing and commission strategies
  • Work with other digital marketers within the brand.

Why Become an Affiliate Marketing Specialist?

Everything about affiliate marketing is based on performance, creating reward systems for top performers. Numerous brands have been able to leverage the power of affiliate marketing to boost their revenue.

If you have a track record of helping businesses succeed, you may look into starting a career as an affiliate marketer.

Final Thoughts

The future of business belongs to digital marketing. By establishing yourself early enough in any of these digital marketing careers, you are positioning yourself for a life of relevance and accomplishments.

Of course, starting into any of these careers is not going to be easy. However, looking at what you stand to gain in the long-term, paying your dues from right now does not sound like a bad idea.

If we have sparked your interest in any of those careers, why not visit our specific pages to learn more in detail.