What is Email Marketing and How To Start A Career In The Field?

Emails have been around forever. But they are still are force to be reckoned with.

There’s no serious business that can ignore email marketing. 

You want to know why? 

By 2023, there will be around 4.3 billion email users globally, from 3.9 billion that it was in 2019.

That is about half of the world’s population. But that is not all; there is a predicted 347.3 billion daily emails by 2022

Lastly, for every $1 you spend on email marketing, the average ROI is $42. This is higher than most other forms of digital marketing. 

If this and more are what is obtainable in the email marketing niche, then no one has the right to say email marketing is dead.

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Table of Contents

What is Email Marketing?

Before delving into what email marketing denotes, can you do without checking your email daily?

According to OptinMonster, 91% of internet users check their emails daily, far higher than 57%, and 14% check their Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

Basically, email marketing involves the use of email in the promotion of products or services. 

As a segment of digital marketing, email marketing is about using emails in building relationships with potential customers and clients. 

While there’s email marketing at its best, which ends up in our inbox, when it lands in the Spam box, it’s email marketing at its worst.

Why is Email Marketing Important in the World of Business?

Marketing trends are quite fluid, but email marketing has always been a powerful tool in the hands of any marketer. Here is why; 

  1. Larger and Wider Reach It Provides

Anyone with a functioning smartphone with internet access always has an active email address. 

If you aim to connect with your prospects and customers via digital marketing, there’s no other channel as wide as email marketing. 

  1. Strong Chance of Message Delivery

If you have to choose between gaining a new follower on Twitter and having a new email list subscriber, go with the latter. 

While only 2% of your social media followers see your message, 90% of email subscribers get your message. Your message is 45 times likely to be seen via emails. 

  1. Drives Conversions

As far as conversion is concerned, there’s no better channel than email marketing. 

When compared to tweets, email has an average clickthrough rate of 3% to 0.5% obtainable with tweets. Customers are likely to buy products promoted by email marketing than other channels. 

  1. Higher ROI

Email marketing outperforms other channels when it comes to ROI. 

There’s an average of 3,800% returns on investments for businesses that utilize email marketing. The clickthrough rate and the ability of recipients to make purchases increase the ROI.

  1. Email Is Likely to Be Around Forever

Remember Myspace? It was once the most popular social networking platform in the United States. Today, it’s nowhere to be found. 

Email marketing has been around since 1978 and does not seems to be going anywhere soon. Email marketing is a stable and long term marketing investment for any business.

What skills are needed to be an Email Marketing Manager?

Without the right skills, it will be difficult for an email marketing manager to go from conception to conversion. 

Email marketing managers need to possess specific hard and soft skills to be able to run successful campaigns over time; 

  • List Building

There is no email marketing without a list. It takes skills to be able to employ different mediums to grow an email list. 

An email marketing manager must be able to utilize content marketing, lead magnets, social media, opt-in tools, webinars, and more to acquire subscribers. 

  • Email Deliverability

With the right skills, an email gets to the final destination without ending up as spam. 

Email marketing managers can achieve 99.5% by avoiding every form of spamming. This will be in addition to an understanding of data protection laws. 

  • Subscriber Engagement

Having an extensive email list is not what is needed to run a successful email marketing campaign. 

A healthy and engaged list is all that is needed, understanding how to engage subscribers is a skill for every email marketer. 

  • Automation

Email marketing automation is an important skill. Being able to set-up workflows that trigger series of actions will drive conversion. 

For any email marketing strategy to succeed, automating the process is required. 

  • Analytics and Data

Email marketing is about numbers. As an email marketing manager, an understanding of what a dashboard looks like is essential. 

The manager must be able to track the metrics for a successful email marketing campaign.

Examples of Platforms Email Marketing Specialists use

The success of an email marketing campaign is hinged on the email service being used. The following are the email marketing platforms used; 

  1. Aweber
  2. GetResponse
  3. Mailchimp
  4. ConvertKit
  5. Drip
  6. SendinBlue
  7. Constant Contact.

Where do Email Marketing Specialists work?

Let’s start by stating that there are more female email marketing specialists than males. As obtainable in every digital marketing profession, an email marketing specialist can work in any industry. 

Top brands such as American Express, Accenture, Amazon, Adobe Systems, and many more have email marketing specialists on their payroll.

Email Marketing salary and prospects (USD)

According to PayScale, email marketing specialists earn an average salary of $53,253 annually. 

Marketing departments are giving more attention to boosting their email marketing workforce to improve the outbound communication of the business by generating more leads.

Why become an Email Marketing Specialist?

Regardless of the size of a business and the revenue profile, businesses are still looking for more. One way to improve the revenue profile is by adopting email marketing. 

To be able to run an email marketing campaign, a specialist is needed. Invariably, every business needs the service of an email marketer. 

There are too many reasons why email marketing is essential, and for each of these reasons, an email marketer must be involved.

Final Thoughts

Many have argued that the hype of social media marketing has taken the shine off email marketing. 

That may be true, but what is not true is the inefficacy of email marketing. Get started with a career into email marketing if you find it worthwhile.