What is a JavaScript Developer, and What Do They Do?

Javascript powers more than 95% of the web and it is becoming increasingly popular.

Despite being one of the older programming languages of the web, Javascript is still a standard across the web while also continuing to evolve.

It is said that 95% of websites use JavaScript, and it is referred to as the Number 1 programming language.

You will be referred to as a Front-End developer if you possess HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills.

As a JavaScript developer, your job is to make websites interactive, responsive, and create unique user experiences.

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What Skills Are Needed To Be a JavaScript Developer

To become a JavaScript developer, there are skills that your employer will want to see on your CV.


These two are the building blocks of any website. Quite impossible to design a website without the knowledge of HTML and CSS.

It is an essential requirement for anyone intending to pursue a career in web development, not just JavaScript developers.

CSS and JavaScript Frameworks

Both skills are essential to front-end development. Every other skill is built upon the knowledge of CSS and JavaScript frameworks

Without these two skills, you’ll never be regarded as an efficient developer. This is a basis for skills development in other areas.

CSS Pre-Processing

Even though CSS is essential, it can be limiting or labour intense sometimes. This is where CSS pre-processing comes into the picture.

With CSS pre-processing, you will be able to add custom standardised CSS to a website without having to code from the ground up. Whatever you find difficult with CSS, you will simplify it using CSS pre-processing skills like SASS or LESS.


As a Javascript Developer, having knowledge of jQuery is expected. Regardless of how skilled you are with HTML and CSS, you still need jQuery to add interactivity to a website.

There are other skills that a JavaScript developer must possess, and this includes; Front-End Frameworks, Debugging/Testing, Git/Version Control, Command line, Automation, and Building Tools.

JavaScript Frameworks

At the most basic, Javascript Frameworks are pre-written code libraries which can be used and reused across web development projects. These help developers to work more efficiently by reducing the time it takes to code certain website sections. 

Here are examples of popular JavaScript Frameworks:

  • Angular
  • React
  • Vue.js
  • Ember.js
  • Meteor
  • Node.js

Examples of Apps and Websites Built With JS Framework

If you call JavaScript a universal web programming language, you are wrong. There are numerous websites and apps that have been developed using JavaScript frameworks.

Here are popular examples:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Where Do JavaScript Developers Work?

There is never a lack of demand for JavaScript developers in the web development world. JavaScript developers are one of the most sought after web development professionals. One-third of programming related jobs will require JavaScript proficiency.

As a JavaScript developer, you should be looking for jobs in front-end programming, web application development, and website administration. You can never run out of opportunities as a JavaScript developer as you can play around 95% of websites.

You can also decide to go solo as a Freelance JavaScript developer; there are numerous clients waiting to hire you on Codementor, Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer.

JavaScript Developer Salary and Prospects

Glassdoor pegged JavaScript developer salary at around $76,000 in the United States on the average. While the lowest is about $58,000, and the highest is around $107,000.

If you want to make the best salary out of your JavaScript skills, then head to either of California, New York, Oregon, and Kentucky, you will earn about $140,000 in these places.

You stand a chance of earning more as a JavaScript developer if you possess React.js, Angular and Vue.js skills. These are three of the most wanted JavaScript skills.

As the number one skill hiring managers look for in web developers, you stand a chance of earning above other web developers.

Why Become a JavaScript Developer?

You will be placing yourself in the upper echelon of web development as a JavaScript developer. There is rarely any web development task that will not require your service as a front-end developer. This means that you will always be called upon as your service will still be needed. There is no way any web development can be carried out without a JavaScript developer.

Aside from being in high demand and well paid, JavaScript developers possess a level of versatility absent in other digital marketing professions. Once you are skilled in JavaScript, your opportunities are limitless. Compared to other web development languages, learning JavaScript is also quite easy. You will get instant feedback on every line of code; you are always in the know whether you are doing well or not.

Final Thoughts

Let’s approach this from the angle of whether you want to be a web developer or not. After making up your mind on becoming a web developer, learning JavaScript will push you far in your career.

In terms of respect, relevance, and remuneration, being a JavaScript developer will grant you access to all these and more.