What is A PPC Specialist what do they do?

Online business has become more competitive. That is where PPC and Search-Engine Marketing helps them grow online.

The marketplace has become more competitive than before. 

There are millions of businesses competing for the same market share you aim to control. While you may employ other forms of marketing, Search Engine Marketing can help you reach more customers, increase revenue, and create brand loyalty. 

Do not be confused; you may come across Search Engine Marketing as Pay Per Click, Paid Search Ads, and Paid Advertising. 

To succeed with SEM, you will need the services of a PPC and SEM Specialist

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What skills are needed to be a PPC Specialist?

Skills needed by SEM specialists are numerous, but these are considered as vital:

Search Engine Optimization

Experience with Search Engine Optimization is essential as an SEM specialist. 

Being able to bring together knowledge of ad vendors, linking services, and paid mechanisms is vital to SEM. 

Technical Skills

Even though not a must, being able to write and edit HTML, JavaScript development, manipulating CSS, and other forms of web design could come handy. 

An understanding of marketing basics is another essential requirement.

Content Creation

A PPC specialist should also be conversant with content creation. 

Being able to plan and manage original content for blogs and web pages is crucial to the success of a Paid Search professional. 

Analytical Skills

Only an analytical mind can succeed in SEM. 

There will always be the need to analyze and measure the competitor’s campaigns to be able to develop a superior approach. 

Research Skills

Being able to look out for the unseen is an essential aspect of SEM. 

For every campaign, an SEM specialist will have to conduct original research to be able to isolate ranking keywords and emerging trends.

Examples of tools they use

With the right tool, SEM specialists can manage campaigns. With these tools, PPC specialists are well-positioned to research keywords, run paid ad campaigns, automate bidding, analyze results, set campaign budgets, and copy generation. 

Here are some of the popular and essential SEM tools; 

Google Ads

This is used to set the advertising budget and choose the positioning of ads in search listings. 

Google Ads utilizes cost-per-click (CPC) bidding.

Google Marketing Platform

SEM specialists use this in the managing of advertising campaigns. 

This is majorly utilized for uploading ads and monitoring their performance.

WordStream Advisor

This is another free tool relied on by SEM specialists. 

It is best for analyzing the Adwords campaign. As a paid tool, it can be used in optimizing the advertising campaign on Google Ads.

Bing Ads

This is an analytics and management dashboard for a PPC campaign on Bing Ads. 

It is the alternative to the popular Google Adwords.

Adobe Advertising Cloud

Integrated with Adobe Analytics, Adobe Advertising Cloud is an ad management dashboard. 

Best used for the optimization of paid ads campaign.

Where do PPC Specialist work?

Aside from the numerous freelancing opportunities for PPC specialists, there are also wide array of industries in need of their expertise. However, the best PPC specialists can be found in digital marketing agencies. 

Paid Search specialists also have a place in advertising agencies, most of which are small and medium-sized agencies. There are also roles for PPC specialists in larger corporations, especially those seeking to stay visible on search engines.

Paid Search Job Demand

More than ever before, businesses, regardless of their size, are investing in digital marketing to promote their products and services. This means that most jobs in the digital marketing space are in high demand. 

Of the skills in high demand in the digital marketing sphere is PPC specialists. To boost revenue, businesses are focusing on paid advertising, and this will require their service.

Since the allocation of budget, designing of an ad, and running of the ad campaign is a skill that only a PPC specialist possesses, this has shot up the demands of these specialists. According to Careermetis, PPC specialists are in the top 6 of digital marketing jobs in high demand.

PPC Salaries

The industry is growing fast, which is why building a network of reliable contacts is key to a successful PPC career. 

Concerning salary, PPC Specialists earn an average of $49,589 annually with the lowest pay of around $36,000 and the highest being $69,000. If within an agency, a PPC role may also come with commission and bonuses based on campaign performance, and the ability to attract new clients.

Career Path

According to Search Engine Land, SEM specialists do not have a linear career path. If you wake up someday and decide you are not interested in working in Search Engine Marketing any longer, what are the options available to you? 

You either have the option of staying as a PPC specialist, tale up management roles, or move into other digital marketing channels. The disadvantage of being in a young profession as a PPC specialist is the lack of a clear career path.

Why become a PPC marketer?

If you have an interest in the growth of businesses, then considering a career in PPC should not be a difficult decision to make. It does not end here, if you have a love for numbers and an analytical mind, PPC will be a suitable career path. 

You will work as a matchmaker between your employer and the search engines. PPC specialist as a career path looks exciting and lucrative. While also recognizing the profitable nature of the career, both a full-time job and freelancing career.

Final Thoughts

There is a beauty in PPC, and that’s being able to get the right advert in front of the right audience. There are opportunities for PPC specialists to work for large corporations in need of expertise for placing legitimate ads in front of the right audience. 

Spam is not a part of the PPC career, but using an analytic approach to attracting the target audience