What is a Social Media Marketer?

For individuals, brands and businesses, social media has gone from optional to necessary.

There are about 3.5 billion daily active social media users; that’s about 45% of the total world population. 

Virtually everyone you know is on social media, where they spend not less than 3 hours daily.  

For individuals, brands, and businesses, social media has gone from optional to necessary. It’s therefore essential to devote resources to social media. 

That is where a social media marketing specialist comes into the picture. They are saddled with the task of creating social media content towards converting followers into loyal customers.

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What skills are needed to be a Social Media Marketer?

The job of a social media marketing specialist is quite a fluid one. In the last two decades, the job has become multi-faceted, and it requires a variety of skills. If you aim to become a social media marketing specialist that can be reckoned with, then you need the following skills


We all love a good story. There’s rarely any social media user who does not stop to read a captivating story on their timeline. 

As a social media marketing specialist, you must be able to tell the right story that educates your target audience about your brand. Possessing strong storytelling abilities with engaging content writing and editing is a must-have skill. 

Search Engine Optimization

Today, brands are combining SEO alongside social media marketing to drive organic traffic for the brand. 

Brands that can employ social media marketing alongside SEO stand a better chance in search rankings. The knowledge of using keywords to optimize social media posts towards the search queries. 

Ads Management

Brands today do more than just the search for organic traffic; there’s also the role of social media ads. 

When combined with organic traffic, social media ads improve the chances of conversion. This makes the knowledge of social media ads a necessary skill every social media marketing specialist must possess. 


To measure and track performance, a social media marketing specialist must possess the expertise of deciphering analytics. 

Being able to understand what the charts and numbers mean for the business to make informed decisions for the brand. 

Trends Awareness

One of the most critical skills for any social media marketing specialist to possess is reading and following trends. 

The industry is never static, and the winner sometimes takes all. As a social media marketing specialist, the ability to align your brand with emerging trends using social listening tools is an important skill. 

Aside from these skills, there are other cognate skills that a social media marketing specialist must possess. This ranges from strong visual aesthetic, community management, time management, determining KPIs, and the ability to embrace channel diversity. 

Examples of platforms they use

An understanding of the goals of a business will determine the platform that a social media marketing specialist utilizes. The specialist must be able to determine what is right to meet the needs. Here’s a rundown of platforms and their applicability:

  1. Facebook

With over 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the largest platform. 

The platform is ideal for lead generation, building relationships, and best for target audience advertising. If you intend to reach a large number of people, Facebook is best. 

  1. Twitter

Even though it does not boast of the number of active users as Facebook, it’s the right platform if your business requires immediacy and urgency. 

On Twitter, images perform better than video, but text still reigns supreme. 

  1. Pinterest

On this platform, 90% of users are ready to purchase if you use the right images. 

Pinterest has the potential to drive sales immediately. This is best, primarily if you target women, and your business revolves around wedding, travel, décor, and art. 

  1. LinkedIn

This is the choice platform for B2B businesses and your goal is lead generation. 

LinkedIn is also ideal for establishing your business as an industry leader and a trusted voice. You can build authority for your brand and engage leads for conversion.

Where do Social Media Marketing Specialists work?

There’s virtually no industry that a social media marketing specialist cannot work. In as much a business has a presence on social media, then there’s a need for a social media marketing specialist

However, of all these industries that a social media marketing specialist can work, much success has been recorded in retail, information, finance, insurance, and arts and entertainment.

What's the job demand like?

Social media marketing specialist is one of the digital marketing professions that are in high demand. Among digital marketing professionals, social media marketing specialists stand a 19% chance of being hired than other professionals. 

The knowledge of Facebook Ads, Hootsuite, Twitter Ads, and LinkedIn Ads increases the demand for social media marketing specialists in the United States.

Social Media Marketing - Salary and Prospects(USD)

According to Glassdoor, the average base pay of a social media marketing specialist is $54,268 annually. While the lowest salary is around $37,000 annually, and the highest is approximately $84,000 annually in the United States.

What careers paths can they follow?

With the realization of how important social media is to business success, more attention is being given to social media professionals. To forge a career path as a social media marketing specialist, the following will be required

Education involves a bachelor’s or master’s degree in creative fields. 

Understanding of social media outlets, social mention, and reporting tools

Success with running social media campaigns and growing followership.

A social media marketing specialist may move on to become a public relations manager, digital marketing manager, content marketer, creative designer, social media consultant, data analyst, market researcher, and brand strategist.

Is it right for you?

There are dozens of reasons why anyone would want to consider a career in social media marketing. As at today, there are over 200 social networks with a combination of users in billions. That’s to say that social media marketing is here to stay. 

With the number of opportunities available to businesses via social media marketing, there’s rarely any business that will not need the service and expertise of a social media marketing expert.

Final Thoughts

Social media holds and wields enormous power for businesses, and it takes the skills of a social media marketing specialist to harness these opportunities. 

The opportunities for a skilled social media marketing specialist are endless. If you are passionate about this profession, the best time to start is now.

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